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Salazarco Sal

SALAZARCO s.a.l. was established in 1972 and is still operating as one of the most important companies in Lebanon for automatic systems, garage doors, automatic...

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Since 2005 Eyemails team started capturing, cleaning and evaluating data. We were very careful and meticulous in gathering and collecting data. All tasks were e...

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Charles Hotel

Charles Hotel has 65 guest rooms and suites spread over 9 floors. It offers a friendly atmosphere complemented by modern amenities, self controlled air conditio...

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Profitech, Aluminium Hmeidan

stablished in 1975 by Samir Hmeidani, Profitech (Aluminum Hmeidani) is one of the leading companies in the aluminum and glass assembly industry.

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Professional Tennis School - logo


Professional Tennis School, Lebanon

Tennis Academy to produce competition-level players, in order to HAVE FUN while WINNING your matches All ages & levels are welcome Private Lessons &...

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Biotem dental implant system

Biotem is a provider of dental implant solutions. Our mission is to supply dental professionals with implant systems that are simple, flexible and reliable. ...

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Sawt el mada

www.sawtelmada.com for Live Streaming

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Aghani Aghani

AGHANI AGHANI”IS A NEW MULTI-PLATFORM MEDIA CONCEPT... Radio, TV, Satellite, Web Live Streaming, IPhone, IPad, Android Phones & Tablets

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AtLebanon.net, Classified ads in Lebanon

Online classified ads website, post your items for free.

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Glass Roll

Glass Roll is one of the leading companies in Lebanon in the field of Glass Curtains and Aluminum. Over 35 years of experience, we deliver Quality products t...

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Roy Sibrini

Whether you need to create a brand from scratch, including marketing materials and a beautiful and functional website or whether you are looking for a design re...

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Folda Sal, Aluminum Lebanon

Folda, an ISO 9001 company, is a major supplier and manufacturer of aluminum based products as well as mechanical outsourcing parts related to the construction ...

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D8Metals Sarl

D8 Metals started in 2004 as a full solution provider for architectural metal, glass and curtain wall systems. With years of experience of its qualified personn...

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Chalian Corporation

Since the beginning the company has been offering the services of CONSULTING, CONTRACTING & INSTALLATION of all types and sizes of air-conditioning systems.

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Since 1969, BIFEM's team has kept a steady pace in sustainable growth, thanks to Mr. Farhat's avant-garde ideas and the enthusiasm of his managers and group of ...

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Beyond Building

Beyond Building is a one-stop shop company which provides goods and services to the building trade. Our main focus is to reduce the time frame for construction ...

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Atalium Lebanon


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Ghassan Atallah, Lebanese Singer

Ghassan Atallah has been a member of the Syndicate of professional musicians in Lebanon since 2003.

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Arcadia, Aluminium Contractors

Our company started with a real innovation in the world of aluminum fittings and grew into one of the ten leading aluminum, glass and wood fittings businesses i...

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A.H. ADADA, Signs & Architectural decoration products

By 1960, Adada become the sole agent of the world's largest manufacturers for the signs industry to serve many countries. We also offer fast quality service wi...

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Evita Peroni

Since 1988, EVITA PERONI® has become the internationally-known women’s fashion accessories powerhouse. Discover the inspiration and fashion moments of this Dani...

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Alexco, aluminium expert company

Aluminum Experts Company, Alexco, was founded in 1982 by Nadim Al-Awar who had acquired his experience for the past 30 years manufacturing and installing all ty...

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Amicale Mont La Salle, Liban


Amicale Mont La Salle, Liban

L'Amicale des Anciens du Mont la Salle regroupe les personnes ayant effectué leur dernière année scolaire au Collège, ou ayant passé au moins trois années consé...

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Lark Group Sarl


Lark Group Sarl

LARK Group s.a.r.l was established in September 2007. We are an advertising company that deals with graphic design, publishing, marketing,

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alex massage

Medical Massage - Relax Massage Home Massage Professional Male and female therapist

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Tourism in Lebanon


Everything about Lebanon

TOURISM-LEBANON.COM is the newest and most specialized web index dedicated to Lebanese Hotels and other touristic related services, sites and resorts. TOURIS...

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Ambar Industrial & Trading Establishment

Being one of the leading establishments in the field of mechanical construction. Ambar's experience goes back to the 1890s. Continuing to maintain our commitmen...

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ALDA ZEIDAN SALEM Clinical Dietitian and Nutrition Specialist American University of Beirut Member of the International Association for the Study of Ob...

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Car rental, Maintenance, car parts

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Lebanon auto guide


Lebanon auto guide

Lebanon-auto.com is an online auto guide that enables individuals and car expo owners to post their cars and make them available online. Lebanon-auto.com als...

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Abou Abdallah


Abou Abdallah Restaurant

Abou Abdalla's restaurant was established in 1956 by Youssef EL Khoury and his wife, whom are known as Abou Abdalla and Im Abdalla. This restaurant offers tradi...

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Joseph Haddad


Joseph Haddad, ski & swimming constructor

•Ski Instructor •Swimming Instructor •Water Polo Referee •Football & Basketball Trainer

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Abou Jihad restaurant

Abou Jihad is one of the oldest oriental cuisine restaurants, established in 1962 by Mr Nabil Abou Jaoude. We serve a variety of oriental dishes, from Lebanese...

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ProInns Sarl


ProInns Sarl

Professional Innovations - ProInns sarl - provides software and IT solutions, E-Marketing and Domain names and Hosting Services to small, medium and large compa...

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Cortas food


Cortas Canning & Refrigerating Company sal

Upon graduating from the American University of Beirut with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Emile Cortas went to work in the university’s alumni...

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Assaad & Tamara


Assaad & Tamara

Assaad & Tamara

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Laham Jewellery


Laham Jewellery

The first LAHAM store opened its doors in 1987, revolutionizing the whole idea of how a jewelry store should operate. LAHAM is not located inside the mall. Our ...

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Reviva, Regenerative medicine center

Our mission is to bring scientific innovation to patients seeking a trace of hope in new medicine therapy through cellular enhancement and medical excellence.

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Abi Ramia Bro for trade and industry s.a.l

In 1953, Master baker Anis Abi Ramia was running a successful bakery in Wadi Chahrour (Mount-Lebanon). Like all bakers at that time, he had to face several prob...

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advertise lebanon


Advertise Lebanon

Presently, E-marketing has become a must for every business that is willing to expand in the market and target new customers. The Internet offers a highly ta...

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jean salme


Jean salme

جان سالمه، متأهل من جاكلين حريقه عام 1981. -كرّس حياته تقريبا لكتاباته. يحمل الجنسيتين (الفرنسية واللبنانية).

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MIC, Management Integrated Consultants

MIC is specialized in the areas of industrial, environmental, process and systems design and development, plant facilities design and construction, industrial a...

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Hotel Aquarium, Jounieh


Aquarium Hotel & Resort

Opens its doors to welcome you to a world of luxury. Situated in the heart of Jounieh, the Aquarium Hotel is conveniently located close to popular shopping area...

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Roy Sibrini

Whether you need to create a brand from scratch, including marketing materials and a beautiful and functional website or whether you are looking for a design re...

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Rabiya Marine Hotel

The RABIYA MARINE HOTEL is ideally located to meet the recreational needs of today’s traveler. Only 28 Km from the airport and a 10 minute drive from Jounieh, t...

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Ragi Taxi

Ragi Taxi provides all kinds of transportation services covering all the Lebanese territories. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even on holi...

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Mouawad Projects

Educated in the US with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and with a family exposure to real estate and contracting business, Joseph Mouawad brings a sim...

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Beylerian International Trading Company Sarl

BITCO was established in 2005, carrying the family business with its 25 years experience in hospitality, to a new and improved professional level in servicing w...

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Sawt el mada

www.sawtelmada.com for Live Streaming

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Auto Khaled

Auto Khaled Movers

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National news agency

Lebanese Republic Ministry of Information

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Randa ghossoub


Randa Ghossoub

Randa is a Canadian jazz singer who immersed herself in this genre at an early age. Born in Lebanon, where she is considered to be the first Lebanese Jazz singe...

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Assaad Gabriel


Assaad Gabriel

Founded in 1975, Sté. Assaad Gabriel & Fils is the marketer and distributor of powerful household brands in Lebanon. Throughout its almost 30-year history, ...

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Azzi law firm


Azzi Law Office

ALF is a law firm providing full range of legal services to both lebanese and International clients. We assist clients in a variety of legal matters, ranging fr...

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Green Power Generation s.a.r.l

Green Power Generation s.a.r.l is an energy service company in Lebanon, whose purpose is to perform studies to find Energy Conservation Measures and implement t...

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Alain Francis, Web developer & Consultant

My Services: - Domain Name Registration - Web Hosting - Web Development (Html, Css, Jquery, Asp, Wordpress Customization...) - Search Engine Optimiz...

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Bauhaus Lebanon

BAUHAUS TOURIST COMPOUND is established in 1940 & lying in one of the most amazing Tourist Regions in Lebanon: BESHARRY ‘AL-ARZ” with relaxing cozy & di...

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Sahriye cafe


Sahriye Cafe

Serves soft drinks,argile, saj, sandwishes, salads...

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BUSCUBE is a novel creative consulting company where a merge of the different creative aspects meet. The degree of expertise of our company reaches out to all y...

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Profitech, Aluminium Hmeidan

stablished in 1975 by Samir Hmeidani, Profitech (Aluminum Hmeidani) is one of the leading companies in the aluminum and glass assembly industry.

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